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Tudor Foundation for the gifted children

Children should be given equal opportunities to develop their talents. We are aware that this is an illusion. There are some who are provided with the appropriate background: attention and love, books, toys, their own room, or just a desk to study. There are others who lack these things. For these children sufficient food and clothing is often a problem. They start school with severe disadvantages.
We would like to give underprivileged, yet talented children the chance to develop and flourish. We believe they ought to be given the opportunity to complete primary school and go on to secondary school. On account of their talent.
The name Tudor means Doc - one of the dwarfs of the well-known tale Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs.

Objectives of the Tudor Foundation
The aim of the Tudor Non-profit Foundation is to help talented underprivileged children from ages 8-10 through primary school in various parts of the country in bringing their abilities to fulfilment and to compensate for their disadvantageous situation.
The Tudor Foundation, relying on social solidarity, will set up specialised educational Tudor Workshops. The Tudor Foundation was first announced in the daily and weekly press in January 2001. The signatories were: Miklós Böszörményi, Vilmos Csányi, Zoltán Endreffy (board of trustees chairman), Péter Esterházy, Zsuzsa Ferge, Miklós Jancsó, Tibor Kaján, Zoltán Kenyeres, Ilona Keseru, János Kornai, Miklós Laczkovich, Júlia Lángh, Péter Nádas, Béla Pomogáts, Péter Somlai (founder) and Asztrik Várszegi. In the Tudor Workshops educators will support the children in their lives outside school and help them to make it secondary school. They will provide the appropriate social environment: infrastructure, expert education, attention and care, which is not provided for them at home or in the educational system.

Why do we want to help children aged 8-10?
There are several foundations and stipends that sponsor and aid college and secondary school students. In most cases, however, the poorest and most disadvantage do not even reach secondary school despite their talent. We have decided to help the 8-10 age group because:
  • Disadvantages set in well before secondary school
  • In comparison to the younger generation it is easier for the teachers to pick out the most gifted and receptive children above age 8.

The Operation of the Tudor Workshops
The Tudor Workshops are not part of the education system, they rather provide intellectual inspiration for the children. Following school hours, children take part in skills development classes, are given help in catching up with their school work or developing their talent and in preparing their homework in small groups of 8 under the guidance of professional tutors. The children have their own study desks, books and toys. On weekends or in school holidays they make excursuions, visit museums, go to the cinema or the theatre. They are provided with all that is vital for their intellectual development and would be accessible for them had they been born in a better environment.
The Tudor Workshops are financed by the foundation and are run by appointed professionals.

Who Are the Tudor Workshop Staff?
Tudor Workshop professionals are dedicated teachers (active and retired), social workers or civilians wanting to help. They may work full- or part-time. Their number is dependent on the number of children and the gravity and characteristics of their problems. The staff receive a payment for their work; however, voluntary helpers may also become involved. The Workshops demand long term-devotion, flexibility and creativity from its members. Tudor workshop staff may fulfil their own ideas within a given framework, but are directed by professional help if needed.
The Tudor Foundation continually welcomes those that are interested in either setting up new workshops or becoming involved in already existing ones.

Who are the Tudor Children?
Tudor Workshops are set up for 8-10 year old children, who
  • are underprivileged (living in large, broken, deviant, unemployed families or under difficult financial conditions)
  • are talented and receptive in a given field in or outside the school curriculum

The Operation of the Tudor Foundation
The Tudor Foundation is run by a 5 strong board of trustees, all professionals. The Foundation is supported by a number of renowned figures and outstanding experts.
The Foundation wishes to support itself from grants and donations building mainly on social responsibility and solidarity. The Foundation places emphasis on being personal, announcing the names of the supporters regularly (unless otherwise required by the donator) and reporting on the development of each child. Sponsors may donate money to the Foundation as a whole or may choose to fund a single child. The Foundation funds the setting up and maintenance of the Tudor Workshops, covers their rent and provides infrastructure. The Workshops function independently within certain limits. Children are picked out by the workshop's professionals. The children periodically update the advisory board on their experiences at their workshops. Workshops are monitored continuously by the Foundation's experts.

The Tudor Foundation Advisory Board:
  • Gábor Havas, chairman, sociologist, MTA
  • Zoltán Endreffy, philosopher, MTA
  • Mihály Andor, sociologist, MTA
  • István Kamarás, sociologist, Veszprém University
  • Magda Révész, psychologist, Child Welfare Service, Budapest 15th district.

Should you agree with our goals, we ask for your help too. Place your donations for the Tudor Foundation at the following account no.: OTP 11702036-20671589
For further information please contact us at tudoralapitvany@axelero.hu